MDOT 720 Maryland State-Owned Roadway Access Management

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Original Date: April 15, 2019
Revised: N/A
Effective Date: April 15, 2019
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MDOT 720 Access Management Signed Hard Copy


The purpose of this Policy is to:

  1. Establish a methodology and process to control access along State-owned roadways and facilities;
  2. Provide and maintain a functioning State-owned roadway system by controlling access through the permitting process; and
  3. Define the type of permit authorized by this Policy


COMAR 11.04.05 Commercial-Industrial or Subdivision Street Permits Authority (All Entrance Permits Other than Residential)

COMAR 11.04.06 Residential Entrance Permits Authority

Maryland Annotated Code, Transportation, § 2-103(b); § 8-202(b)(2)(i); § 8-203(a); and § 8-204(a)(b)(c)(i), § 8-625; § 8-646, and §4-101


This Policy is applicable to all MDOT employees, contract employees, contractors, and consultants.

Policy Statement

  1. The MDOT State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) is authorized by Maryland law to control access along State-owned roadways and facilities, except for State-owned roadways and facilities owned by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA). In carrying out its regulatory function, MDOT’s goal is to provide timely, courteous, and effective service that is responsive to the needs of the development community.
  2. While Access Management is necessary to maintain the safety of the traveling public and preserve the ability of our State-owned roadways to carry increasing traffic, applicants may be assured that the State of Maryland is committed to supporting economic development.
  3. This Policy shall assure that all planning, design, and construction on State property adheres to the MDOT SHA standards, specifications, and accepted highway engineering practices.
  4. MDOT will provide and maintain a safe and properly functioning State-owned roadway system by controlling access along State-owned roadways through statutory and regulatory mechanisms.
  5. All MDOT TBUs, unless where noted otherwise, shall conform with the MDOT SHA permitting process, which is limited to the regulation of State-owned roadway access and related State-owned roadway improvements.
  6. TBUs may have a separate permitting process for their rights-of-way as indicated on the approved MDOT 720.1.


For the purposes of this Policy, the following words have the following meanings:

  1. Access means only properly designed access points that are necessary for the approved site use and consistent with the functional requirements of the State-owned roadway.
  2. Access Control means real property rights owned by the State that legally deny access to abutting property. It is intended to preserve safety and traffic operating characteristics required of freeways, other important State-owned roadway segments, and key intersection approaches.
  3. Construction Activity means all construction on the State-owned rights-of-way, examples include driveways and landscaping.
  4. MDOT SHA Permit means approval from MDOT SHA for construction activity on the State’s rights-of-way, including, but not limited to the construction of approved entrances, street connections, and State-owned roadway capacity improvements.

Authorized/Supporting Documents Electronic Format

Authorized/Supporting Documents Hard Copy

MDOT 720.1 Delegation of Authority

MDOT 720.2 Guidelines for Traffic Impact Reports and Studies

MDOT 720.3 Hydraulic-Hydrologic Guidelines

MDOT 720.4 Access Point Standards

MDOT 720.5 Entrance Design Standards

MDOT 720.6 Street Connection Standards

MDOT 720.7 Site Access Improvement Standards

MDOT 720.8 Technical Design Standards