MDOT 720.2 Guidelines for Traffic Impact Reports and Studies

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Effective Date: April 15, 2019
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MDOT 720.2 Guidelines for Traffic Impact Reports and Studies Signed Hard Copy

The purpose of a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) is to review impacts of a proposed development on the State Highway system, generally in conjunction with the issuance of an access permit.

The authority to require a TIS and related road improvement is found in COMAR Section 11.04.5.

The evaluation shall consider traffic capacity, signalization, safety, and multimodal issues. For those counties/jurisdictions that have not established their own traffic impact study guidelines, and an SHA Access Permit is needed, only Impact Study Guidelines.pdf SHA’s Guidelines for Traffic Impact Reports/Studies are to be followed. The report will be used to evaluate the needed improvements to support the proposed site access to the State Highway road system.

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