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Maryland Department of Transportation Supporting Document No.: MDOT 060.03

Effective Date: November 3, 2015
MDOT signed policy supersedes all information provided on this page. 
Printed copies of this page only valid for this date: October 23, 2020
Supports Policy No.: MDOT 060

MDOT 060.03 Transportation Business Units (TBU) PIA Internal Procedures Signed Hard Copy

Transportation Business Unit (TBU) PIA Internal Procedures

All TBU PIA Procedures shall comply with MDOT 060.2 MDOT PIA Procedures. If a conflict should arise, MDOT 060.2 shall take precedence.

MDOT’s goal is to process all PIA requests within ten (10) working days of receipt. Requests requiring additional time must be approved by the lead PIA Representative by the seventh working day. This will allow sufficient time for a letter to be drafted, approved, and sent within ten (10) working days.

All TBUs except for the Secretary’s Office (TSO)

The following PIA Custodians shall proceed with PIA procedures for their areas of responsibility.

  • Maryland Port Administration (MPA): Deputy Executive Director;
  • Maryland Transit Administration (MTA): Administrator;
  • Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA): Administrator;
  • Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) Executive Director/CEO;
  • State Highway Administration (SHA): Administrator; and
  • Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA): Executive Director.

TSO PIA Procedure

The Deputy Secretary of Policy, Planning, and Enterprise Services, as the TSO PIA Custodian designates the MDOT Office of Governmental Affairs Director as the TSO PIA Representative. This individual shall manage the following procedure:



TSO PIA Representative

  • Receive the incoming PIA request and ensure the TSO PIA Coordinator logs the request into the tracking system and assigns a unique case number.
  • Work with the TSO PIA Coordinator to ensure all responses comply with mandated requirements and timelines.
  • Review the specific request and assign a lead and support staff person within TSO to draft a response.
  • Send the PIA request with the MDOT Office of the Attorney General and MDOT Public Affairs Director.


MDOT Office of the Attorney General


  • Provide legal advice as needed upon request. If advice is not provided to the TSO PIA Representative within 48 hours from when the OAG receives the request, it will be assumed that the OAG will not be weighing in.
  • Review the PIA Tracking Log emailed daily to ensure it accurately reflects input.


MDOT Public Affairs Director

  • Review the incoming PIA request and respond to the TSO PIA Representative within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Review the PIA Tracking Log emailed daily to ensure it accurately reflects input.


TSO PIA Coordinator

  • Work with the TSO PIA Representative to input, assign, monitor, and track all PIA requests for which TSO is the lead.
  • Update the PIA Tracking Log daily, review with MDOT PIA Representative, verify information is up to date with other PIA Coordinators and Representatives, and email the log daily.
  • Notify the MDOT and TSO PIA Representatives of any requests remaining open by the fifth working day from when it was received. Continue to track and notify to ensure a response is sent within ten working days of receipt.


Lead and Support Staff Assigned

  • Review the assigned PIA request, ask any questions, and if necessary, confer with the assigned AAG immediately.
  • Identify records available and assess preparation time required to comply with request. Notify the TSO PIA Representative immediately if any issues arise.
  • Work with support staff to provide a draft response to TSO Representative and Coordinator by the seventh working day of when the request was received. Advise if records are available, the time required, and all actual costs involved.


TSO PIA Representative

  • Assess the information provided by the lead staff assigned to the request.
  • Determine if the request can be fulfilled immediately within the 30 day requirement, or if more time will be required. Determine the costs associated. The goal is to complete the request by the tenth working day of receipt.
  • Assign person to draft a preliminary or final response and review. If the request cannot be fulfill, document the reasons and prepare the response.
  • As necessary, obtain reviews and approvals through the Deputy Secretaries, Chief of Staff, and/or Public Affairs Director. If requested, obtain a determination of legal sufficiency from the assigned AAG.
  • Finalize, sign, and send the response.
  • Update the PIA Coordinator as required and update all tracking documents.


TSO PIA Coordinator

  • Track and monitor the request to ensure the mandated timelines are met.
  • Assist with letter drafting and formatting as required.
  • Maintain records of the incoming request, communications with the requester, and outgoing response. Ensure each document is attached to the case in the tracking system.
  • Work with the TSO Correspondence Manager to close the case in the tracking system. Mark the request as completed and closed on the PIA Tracking Log.