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Maryland Department of Transportation Supporting Document No.: MDOT 060.02

Effective Date: November 3, 2015
MDOT signed policy supersedes all information provided on this page. 
Printed copies of this page only valid for this date: October 23, 2020
Supports Policy No.: MDOT 060

MDOT 060.02 MDOT PIA Enterprise Procedures Signed Hard Copy

MDOT PIA Enterprise Procedures

In accordance with Policy No. MDOT 060, the following procedures shall be followed by all MDOT employees.

All MDOT PIA requests shall be processed and records produced within ten (10) working days of receipt. Any requests to exceed this timeline must be approved in writing by the responsible PIA Representative within 48 hours of receipt. This is required to meet the legally mandated timeline requirements.

Any MDOT employee may be approached regarding a PIA request. Individuals may make requests in writing, in person, by telephone, by email, or through the MDOT website. When this occurs, the employee shall immediately take the appropriate action below.



MDOT Employee

If the PIA request is in writing:

If the PIA request is in person or by phone:

  • Suggest the Applicant submit the online request form found on the MDOT PIA homepage (see above) or collect all pertinent information required and complete the online request form for the applicant.

If the PIA request is by email:

  • Forward the email to Copy the appropriate TBU PIA Representative. Copy the appropriate TBU PIA Representative.


MDOT PIA Representative

  • Constantly monitor the main email inbox ( for requests and immediately determine which TBU PIA Representative(s) should be assigned.
  • Coordinate efforts, when necessary, between TBU PIA Representative(s), the Office of the Attorney General, and the Public Affairs Director.
  • Direct the MDOT PIA Coordinator to log and monitor the request.


MDOT PIA Representative and Coordinator

  • Constantly monitor the main email inbox ( for requests and coordinate with the MDOT PIA Representative.
  • Add the request to the MDOT PIA Tracking Log and update as required.


TBU PIA Representative and Coordinator

  • Follow the TBU’s PIA procedures as required by the TBU PIA Custodian.
  • Coordinate with the MDOT PIA Representative and Coordinator to track and ensure all PIAs satisfy mandated deadlines.
  • Email the final response to the MDOT PIA Coordinator. Instruct the request closed.


MDOT PIA Coordinator (with assistance from the MDOT PIA Representative)

  • Receive, monitor, track, follow up, coordinate, and report on all PIAs throughout MDOT.
  • Maintain annual log of all MDOT PIAs including disposition, timelines, costs, and fees charged/collected.
  • Distribute the PIA log daily to the Deputy Secretaries, Chief of Staff, Public Affairs Director, and TSO PIA Representative.
  • Ensure that all PIAs are entered into the tracking system, assigned unique case numbers, and closed once the final responses are sent.
  • Maintain files for all PIAs to include the original request, tracking information, and final disposition.


MDOT Correspondence Manager

  • Enter all PIAs received into the PIA tracking system and obtain a unique case number.
  • Forward the request and case number to the MDOT and TBU PIA Coordinators.
  • Close the case in the tracking system when the MDOT PIA Coordinator informs you that the request is closed.
  • Distribute a weekly report of all PIA requests logged into the tracking system to the Deputy Secretaries, Chief of Staff, and Public Affairs Director.