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=Legislative Oriented Policies=
=Legislative Oriented Policies=
==Program Development=
==Program Development==
==Legislative Testimony and Inquire==
==Legislative Testimony and Inquire==
==Implementation of Legislative Directives==
==Implementation of Legislative Directives==
=Planning Policies=
=Planning Policies=
==Policy Planning==
==Policy Planning==

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MDOT Wide Policies


Policy Formation and Management

  1. MDOT 001 Policy Formation and Management
  2. MDOT 001.01 Proposing, Modifying, and Rescinding MDOT Policies
  3. MDOT 001.02 Proposing, Modifying, and Rescinding MDOT Supporting Documents

Correspondence, Reports, and Records

Public Information

Public Information Act Requests

  1. MDOT 060 Public Information Act Requests
  2. MDOT 060.01 PIA Roles and Responsibilities

Equal Opportunities


Staff Services

Health, Safety, Security, and Risk Management



Personnel Oriented Policies

General Personnel Matters

Compensation and Reimbursement


Employee/Employer Relationships

Efficiency Ratings

Uniforms and Clothing

Conduct and Ethics

Employee Privileges

Duty Hours

Finance Oriented Policies


Financial Procedures and Controls

Procurement Oriented Policies

Contract Procedures




Legislative Oriented Policies

Program Development

Legislative Testimony and Inquire

Implementation of Legislative Directives

Planning Policies

Policy Planning

Environmental Planning

Systems Planning

Program Planning

Project Planning

Research and Development

Miscellaneous Policies