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A soil or soil aggregate mixture meeting the following:
Maximum dry density and optimum moisture content of the material per T 180, Method C unless the material has more than 35 percent retained on the No. 4 sieve, in which case Method D shall be used. Material with a maximum dry density of less than 100 lb/ft3 is unsatisfactory and shall not be used in embankments. Potentially expansive materials, such as steel slag, are prohibited.
Refer to the Recycled Materials Special Provisions located elsewhere in the Contract DocumentsThe written agreement executed between an Administration and the successful bidder, covering the performance of the work and furnishing of labor, equipment and materials, by which the Contractor is bound to perform the work and furnish the labor, equipment and materials, and by which the Administration is obligated to compensate him therefore at the mutually established and accepted rate or price. The Contract Documents shall include the Invitation for Bids, Notice to Contractors, Instructions to Bidders, Proposal, Contract Forms and Bonds, General Provisions, Specifications, Supplemental Specifications, all Special Provisions, all Technical Provisions, all Plans and Notices to Proceed, also any written Change Orders and Supplemental Agreements that are required to complete the construction of the work in an acceptable manner, including authorized extension thereof.
Class Borrow Max Dry Density Minimum P.C.F.

T 180

LL Maximum

T 89

PIPoplar Island Maximum

T 90

Gradation Requirements

T 88

Reference MSMTMaryland Standard Method of Tests (as developed by the State Highway Administration) Soil Classification Reference AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Classification
Select Borrow 105 34 7 30% max passing No. 200 sieve A-2,A-3, A-2-4 A-1-a, A-1-b, A-3, A-2-4
Capping Borrow 105 34 7 30% max passing No. 200 sieve1 A-2,A-3, A-2-4 A-1-a, A-1-b, A-3, A-2-4
Modified Borrow 125 30 9 50% min retained on No. 4 sieve Any material except A-5 A-2-4, A-42
Common Borrow 100 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Clay Core3 1004 N/A N/A 30% min passing No. 200 sieve N/A N/A
1When material has no liquid and plastic limit and the amount of material passing the No. 4 sieve and retained on the No. 10 sieve is less than 10 percent of the total sample mass, the material shall have at least 15 percent passing the No. 200 sieve.

2 A-4 material must be a manufactured product.

3 Unified Soil Classification GC, SC, CH, or CL free of roots, stumps, wood, rubbish or other objectionable materials.

4Test per T-99-C