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Construct concrete foundations for installing traffic signals, highway lighting, and signs.
Curing Materials       902.07
Portland Cement Concrete       902.10, Mix No. 3
Corrugated Metal Pipe       905
Reinforcement Steel       908
Anchor Bolts       909.08
Conduit       950.10
Galvanizing for Hardware       A 153
801.03.01 Excavation. Excavate to the dimensions specified. Ensure that all excavation work is inspected and approved before proceeding with construction.
801.03.02  Galvanized parts that have been cut or chipped to bare metal shall be repaired per A 780.
801.03.03 Concrete Placement. Place concrete against undisturbed earth wherever possible. However, where the existing ground shows a tendency to cave in or otherwise will not retain its shape during or after excavation provide, install, and leave in place a corrugated steel pipe.
Mix, place, and test concrete as specified in Section 420. Construct footings, including reinforcement and bolt circle data, as specified in the Contract DocumentsThe written agreement executed between an Administration and the successful bidder, covering the performance of the work and furnishing of labor, equipment and materials, by which the Contractor is bound to perform the work and furnish the labor, equipment and materials, and by which the Administration is obligated to compensate him therefore at the mutually established and accepted rate or price. The Contract Documents shall include the Invitation for Bids, Notice to Contractors, Instructions to Bidders, Proposal, Contract Forms and Bonds, General Provisions, Specifications, Supplemental Specifications, all Special Provisions, all Technical Provisions, all Plans and Notices to Proceed, also any written Change Orders and Supplemental Agreements that are required to complete the construction of the work in an acceptable manner, including authorized extension thereof and in conformance with the approved working drawings. Use suitable and accurately placed templates to set the anchor bolts plumb. Leave the templates in place until the concrete attains initial set.
Apply a level trowel finish to the top of the foundation. Apply a liquid membrane forming compound to all exposed surfaces.
801.03.04 Unusual Soil Conditions. When unexpected subsurface conditions are encountered, modify the excavation depth as directed. If rock or boulders cannot be removed by ordinary means, remove them to the levels and dimensions specified, or to a depth necessary to obtain the required stability.
801.03.05 Backfill. Use material that is free of topsoil, organic, frozen, and other undesirable materials. Keep spaces to be backfilled free of trash. Clean the space before placing backfill. Use suitable material from the excavation or other sources conforming to Section 204. Place in layers not more than 8 in. loose thickness. Use mechanical or vibratory compaction equipment to obtain at least 92 percent of maximum density at a moisture content within 2 percent of the optimum per T 180, Method C.
Concrete foundations for installing traffic signals, highway lighting, and signs will be measured and paid for at the Contract unit price per cubic yard for the pertinent Concrete Foundation item. The payment will be full compensation for all concrete, excavation, corrugated metal pipe or forms, reinforcement steel, anchor bolts, backfill, and for all material, labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.
Where concrete barrier transitions, grounding, and conduit are required, they will be measured and paid for as specified in Sections 604, 804, and 805 respectively.