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Grind or mill depressions into existing asphalt mix or portland cement concrete to form rumble strips.
Not applicable.
Place rumble strips as specified.
Grind or mill the rumble strips into asphalt mix at a rate of at least 4000 strips per hour. Grind into portland cement concrete at a rate of at least 1000 strips per hour.
EquipmentAll machinery, tools, and apparatus necessary for the proper construction and acceptable completion of the work, together with the necessary supplies for upkeep and maintenance.. The equipment shall have rotary type cutting heads with a length of 16 in. and an outside diameter not greater than 24 in. The cutting heads shall have the cutting tips arranged in a pattern providing a relatively smooth cut (approximately 1/16 in. between peaks and valleys).
The cutting heads shall be mounted on their own suspension, independent of the power unit, to allow the tool to self-align with the slope of the shoulder and any irregularities in the shoulder surface.
The cutting tool shall be equipped with guides to provide consistent alignment of each cut in relation to the roadway and to provide uniformity throughout the project. The EngineerAny person designated by the Administrator or the procurement officer, acting directly or through his duly authorized representative, such representative acting within the scope of the particular duties assigned to him or of the authority given him. will randomly check the pattern edge alignment.
Control Strip. Grind a control strip at least 100 ft. in length to demonstrate that the speed of operation, dimensions, and texture are acceptable.
Clean up. Sweep or vacuum the work area before reopening the roadway to traffic. Do not sweep the material to the side of the road.
ShoulderThe portion of the roadbed contiguous with the traveled way for accommodation of stopped vehicles, for emergency use, and for lateral support of base and surface courses. Rumble Strips will be measured and paid for at the Contract unit price per linear foot as measured along the shoulder or center line where the rumble strips are actually placed. Payment will be full compensation for all installation of rumble strips, cleaning and disposal of waste material, control strips, and for all material, labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.