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Furnish and place porous backfill material, reinforced concrete base, and pipe drains at the rear of abutments, wing walls, retaining walls, and other locations.
Porous Backfill, Size No. 57, Aggregate       901.01
Portland Cement Concrete       902.10, Mix No. 1
Pipe Drains       905
Reinforcement Steel       908.01
Geotextile, Class as specified       919
Place porous backfill material in layers in conjunction with the adjacent fill. Any fill material removed for placing the porous backfill material shall be at no additional cost to the AdministrationShall mean any one of the Administrations within the Maryland Department of Transportation, as listed in GP 1.02.. When a form is used between the porous backfill material and the earth backfill, completely remove the form from the completed fill.
Slope concrete base to drain to points of discharge.
Porous backfill will not be measured but will be paid for at the Contract lump sum price for the pertinent Porous Backfill item. The payment will be full compensation for all excavation, concrete, reinforcement, geotextiles, drains, and for all material, labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.
If no item for porous backfill appears in the Contract DocumentsThe written agreement executed between an Administration and the successful bidder, covering the performance of the work and furnishing of labor, equipment and materials, by which the Contractor is bound to perform the work and furnish the labor, equipment and materials, and by which the Administration is obligated to compensate him therefore at the mutually established and accepted rate or price. The Contract Documents shall include the Invitation for Bids, Notice to Contractors, Instructions to Bidders, Proposal, Contract Forms and Bonds, General Provisions, Specifications, Supplemental Specifications, all Special Provisions, all Technical Provisions, all Plans and Notices to Proceed, also any written Change Orders and Supplemental Agreements that are required to complete the construction of the work in an acceptable manner, including authorized extension thereof, the work will not be measured but the cost will be incidental to other items specified.