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Remove all or part of existing concrete, concrete block, brick, or stone structures (headwalls, toe walls, etc.), including concrete piles. Refer to Section 405 for removal of existing bridge structures, box culverts, retaining walls, and noise barriers.
Not applicable.
207.03.01 Removal. Unless otherwise specified, remove material to at least 1 ft below subgrade or existing ground. Except with written approval, do not use blasting. Piles, grillages, and cribbing under removed masonry shall be cut off to the above limit.
207.03.02 Use of Removed Masonry. Masonry material may be broken and used in accordance with 204.02.01. Material determined to be unsuitable shall be disposed of as excess or unsuitable material.
207.03.03 Protection of Retained Masonry. Repair or replace retained sections that are damaged due to the construction operations. Cut connecting edges and surfaces to the line and grade specified or as directed.
The payment will be full compensation for all excavation, backfill, disposal of excess or unsuitable material, blasting, and for all material, labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.
207.04.01  Removal of Existing Masonry will be paid for at the Contract lump sum price.
207.04.02  When specified in the Contract DocumentsThe written agreement executed between an Administration and the successful bidder, covering the performance of the work and furnishing of labor, equipment and materials, by which the Contractor is bound to perform the work and furnish the labor, equipment and materials, and by which the Administration is obligated to compensate him therefore at the mutually established and accepted rate or price. The Contract Documents shall include the Invitation for Bids, Notice to Contractors, Instructions to Bidders, Proposal, Contract Forms and Bonds, General Provisions, Specifications, Supplemental Specifications, all Special Provisions, all Technical Provisions, all Plans and Notices to Proceed, also any written Change Orders and Supplemental Agreements that are required to complete the construction of the work in an acceptable manner, including authorized extension thereof, Removal of Existing Masonry will be measured and paid for at the Contract unit price per cubic yard.
207.04.03  When a new structure is placed in the location of an existing structure, the removal of the existing structure will be incidental to the new structure, unless otherwise specified.