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Locate truck staging areas and avoid unnecessary idling of construction equipment in order to reduce engine emissions and to provide air quality benefits to those who live or work in or adjacent to the construction site.
Not applicable.
Establish truck staging areas for all vehicles waiting to load or unload materials at the job site. Subject to review and approval by the AdministrationShall mean any one of the Administrations within the Maryland Department of Transportation, as listed in GP 1.02., locate staging areas where emissions will have the least impact on sensitive areas and the public.
Sensitive areas include, but are not limited to, hospitals, schools, residences, motels, hotels, daycare facilities, and elderly housing and convalescent facilities. All sources of emissions shall be located as far away as possible from fresh air intakes, air conditioners, and windows.
Idling of all mobile construction equipment, including delivery trucks, shall be limited to five minutes except under any of the following circumstances:
(a) When forced to remain motionless because of traffic conditions or mechanical difficulties over which the operator has no control.
(b) When necessary to operate defrosting, heating, or cooling equipment to ensure the safety or health of the driver or passenger.
(c) When necessary to operate auxiliary equipment that is located in or on the mobile source to accomplish the intended use of the mobile source.
(d) To attain the recommended operating temperature.
(e) When the outdoor temperature is below 32 F.
(f) When undergoing maintenance that requires operation for more than five consecutive minutes.
The above requirements do not prohibit the operation of an auxiliary power unit or generator set as an alternative to idle the main engine of a motor vehicle operating on diesel fuel.
All methods and procedures required to comply with these requirements will not be measured for payment but will be incidental to the pertinent Contract items.